Buyer's Guide

Buying books from The Independent Bookstore is easy! All you need to do is find the book you'd like to order, add it to cart and check out. Please see below for more information.

Finding books

Our store's unique categorization system allows you to find the exact genre you'd like to read next very easily. All books are categorized with the main category (for example, Fiction - Fantasy) after which you can use the filtering options on the left side of the page to filter books by the BISAC categories they are assigned. For example, if you are looking for a Fantasy book that also has mystery or suspense elements, please select the Fiction - Fantasy main category and then have a look at the filtering options on the left side of the page to narrow down the selection. Easy!

Delivery - eBooks

After completing the purchase, you'll automatically receive an email with a link you can use to download the eBook. All of our eBooks are delivered in ePub format and can be read with the majority of eBook reading devices worldwide (smartphones, tablets and eReading devices from all major online bookstores).

Delivery - Paperback & Hardcover

After the purchase is completed, our printing partner will automatically print, package and ship your order to the delivery address you entered. Please see more information about delivery times upon checkout.



-The Independent Bookstore Team-