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Love, Lies And Legacies (Cullen - Bartlett Dynasty Book 2)

Love, Lies And Legacies (Cullen - Bartlett Dynasty Book 2)

Janeen Ann O'Connell

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When Catherine Tedder’s husband dies suddenly in September 1822, she is left alone with two small girls.

Accepting the proposal of James Blay Jr. sees her trapped in a marriage of convenience - for him. Struggling with the vagaries of her wayward husband, Catherine and the girls are forced to adapt to his tyranny.

After spending time in prison, James Blay Jr. appears to be a changed man: attentive, caring, supportive. But a tragedy changes everything.

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About Janeen Ann O'Connell

Janeen Ann O'Connell was born and grew up in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.