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The Flames Of The Phoenix (The Chronicles of Sélanados Book 1)

The Flames Of The Phoenix (The Chronicles of Sélanados Book 1)

Adam K. Watts

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Brian Elliot is nobody special; an ordinary cook in an all-night diner. His life changes when he finds himself transported to a world full of magic and strange, mythical creatures.

Persecuted by an unknown enemy and aided by a mysterious ally, Brian must find a way to survive a situation he doesn’t understand. Fortunately, he befriends a mercenary along the way who helps him to stay alive while he tries to unravel the mystery.

But how can he find the answers when he doesn’t even understand the questions? Is he just a pawn, or does he have a more important role to play?

An epic fantasy adventure, 'The Flames Of The Phoenix' is the first book in the first book in The Chronicles of Sélanados series by Adam Watts.

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About Adam K. Watts

I’ve been a lover and avid reader of fantasy and science fiction since I was knee-high to a short Hobbit. I have finally escaped the confines of professional non-fiction writing to follow the purpose that has been burning in my heart since I could lift pencil to paper. Those embers, never quite cooled, have been fanned to unquenchable flame and I cannot contain the result. Enjoy!