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The Revenge of Ebony Makepeace (Brad Culley Mysteries Book 3)

The Revenge of Ebony Makepeace (Brad Culley Mysteries Book 3)

Janeen Ann O'Connell

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Brad Culley’s life has descended into chaos. Ebony has disappeared, leaving him to wonder if she ever really loved him, and so too his uncle’s assistant, Phillip, and six million dollars. And his right-hand man, Ferdinand, is testing his patience. Nothing is as it should be.

Meanwhile, as part of her plan for revenge, Ebony takes the first steps into a new life with a new man, and uses Brad’s inheritance to achieve it.

As Brad and his friend Sandy learn more about Ebony’s and Phillip’s deceptions, the opportunity to recover the missing money, and the fugitives responsible for stealing it, diminishes.

Depending on his uncle, his friend, and the police, Brad waits for justice to be served.

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About Janeen Ann O'Connell

Janeen Ann O'Connell was born and grew up in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.