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Wyrd Of The Wolf (Wyrd Of The Wolf Book 1)

Wyrd Of The Wolf (Wyrd Of The Wolf Book 1)

John Broughton

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In seventh century England, political and religious upheaval mean that nobody is safe.
As the old gods are eroded by the new church, and tribes and ambitious men vie for power, property and precedence, blood is shed throughout the land.

In the south, ealdorman Aelfhere believes that for his only child, sixteen-year-old daughter Cynethryth, marriage to a Saxon king is the way to security. And so, somewhat against her own wishes, Cynethryth is betrothed. 

Yet as battle rages around her, and with her betrothed away to fight, Cynethryth too becomes a victim of war. 

Taken prisoner by the warrior invaders, she is forced into the presence of another Saxon king, who would also have her for his wife. Yet this is a man she actually loves.

In marrying Caedwalla, King of the Suth Seaxe, Cynethryth allies herself against her father and her own people in a deadly, grisly and complex war — and becomes a key element of events that continue to influence England today.

For the events of the seventh century were crucial in determining the religions, cultures and identities of nations. And Caedwalla, as a fearsome warrior but also in time a religious convert, personifies the turbulent mix of bloodshed, brutality, philosophy and faith that came to define the period.

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About John Broughton

John Broughton was born in Cleethorpes Lincolnshire UK in 1948: just one of the post-war baby boom.